Branded Products • Local Warehouse • Free Shipping
Branded Products • Local Warehouse • Free Shipping
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About Us

Our journey started through acquiring a custom pet tags engraving business based in Wellington in January 2017 , one year later was created after we started selling branded pet care supplies and became a distributor for premium pet food from Royal Canin New Zealand.
Now is the rebranded shop name and on 17th October 2019,we received our first Australian order from target road, Greenwith, SA, the order was for two 411grams of Wardley Reptile Sticks with free shipping method.
Now whether you are in New Zealand or Australia you can order from us. You get free shipping for any orders placed in New Zealand and if you are in Australia, any combined shipping within 2kgs are free as well.
Thank you for your continuous support and enjoy your journey as a pet owner, it can be very rewarding emotionally and spiritually.

Please free free to contact us for any questions.